602 radio happily presents 3raaj this time round folks!! an interesting blend of indie and “metal”, which would then bring up the question what is indie and what is “metal”, but i digress…listen for a great beatles cover and hear stories of stuff involving things…click on the player or go through i-tunes, as always its free!!

Sweet Bleeders!!!

It’s…….the Sweet Bleeders this time ’round, or is it Color Store, no no it’s Sweet Bleeders….This is a great show to forget all about that crazy wedding across the pond, a) there isn’t that much pomp & circumstance, 2) there isn’t a bunch of crazed media asking stupid questions, and, c) we didn’t ask the taxpayers to pay for the show or the equipment that suffered an untimely demise in our studio. This is a great show kiddies, click on that player deal or get us through i-tunes…..god save the queens’ corgies!!


Vin-Fiz this time around kiddie!!
no not the grape fizzy drink from the early 1900’s but the jazzy-indie band from the east valley. We thank them for coming to our side of town, usually they wont drive west of Tempe for anything……Hear interesting stories of sack-taps, roman greco wrestling, 20 minutes of bliss, and other such male bonding experiences….Click on the player or get us through i-tunes……..

Automatic Erasers XP

Ready yourselves kiddies for a second helping of the Automatic Erasers!! We were quite pleased to have them back in our studios!! Do they play new songs, were there numerous requests to have them back, how hard is it to be a dead ringer for Abe Lincoln on halloween, and what about these odds and sods??? Are any of these questions asked?? or answered?? Click on the player do-dad or sign up through i-tunes to find out!!!

Spyder Babies!!!!!

602 Radio proudly presents from Portland Oregon, the Spyder Babies!!! Be prepared for the legendary punk-garage onslaught put in front of your ears this time ’round, kiddos!! Does this make us 503 radio even though we recorded it in the 602?? How does one get initiated into the Spyder Babies and is Portland like that show on the tv box?? Answers, maybe maybe not, but we are totally humbled that they traveled all that way to be on our show!! Click on the player thingy or get it through i-tunes!!!

Death Takes A Holiday!!!!

We bring you Death takes A Holiday this time ’round folks!! They (the band) took a holiday for about 9 years and we had an evil plan to get them back together and record them. Sure, they think it was all their idea to reform and play and stuff but actually, we used our mental Mensa powers and presto!! Irregardlessly a must listen show, and some interesting stories to boot!! Click that new updated player or sign up through I-Tunes!!!