The Sex!!!!

back again folks, this time with the sex!!! sex sex sex sex sex is that all we think about here? well there is the drugs and rock-n-roll too i suppose, but anyway…..the sex brings you high energy punk music that really rocks!!! also, hear interesting and enjoyable stories of tapioca, clinics, dancing with the spaz, abortions, a message for the kids and more……click the player doo-dad or get us though i-tunes, oh and hey sign up for the e-mail thingee too!!!


well kiddies we are back once again with girl boner!!we wern’t exactly sure what a girl boner was and gosh why did we ask, stay tuned and you will find out…..this trio brings pop-ish punk for your ears to enjoy along with stories of house party raids, how to get a shart scar, panties, and of course the name it self….give your ears a treat and download the show through i-tunes or click on the player thingee…..

oakland raiders!!!

Hello again kiddies!! this time we bring you a band with an infamous name, actually i don’t think we are allowed to say it but its kinda like a certain sports team from a place with a bay and its not san francisco……..anyways this time around besides the lovely music these fine gentlemen play, we have stories of pee, colonoscopies, the whole multi-band experience, some guy named ray and you guessed it, pee… on the player or get the show through i-tunes, and hey why not go for the e-mail thing too……

Acrimonious Assembly of Arsonists!!!!!

we are back again this time bringing you the Acrimonious Assembly of Arsonists!!! an interesting sounding band with an interesting name, and yes, they were quite acrimonious. also, hear all about terrorism, cult leaders, bad reputations, being picked on by cops and other such acrimonious tales of an unremorsefulness nature… on the player or get us through the ol’ i-tunes….

Terra Firma!!!!!

we waited a long time to get Terra Firma in here on our show, and they waited a long time for us to post it!!! So here they are the mighty Terra Firma rocking our studios walls down……not only fine musicians but they know how to drink too!!! hear stories of exploding drummers, acid trips, crappy hotels, mud wrestling, anger management, having their gear stolen and other heartbreaking stories of things involving stuff… on the player or grab the show through i-tunes and hey sign up for the e-mail, we may or may not e-mail you something……

Classy Apache!!!

We have for you this time kiddies Classy Apache!!! Although they are no longer together we had the honor to have them in our studio to play for you…Prepare your ears for diy punk at its classy best….Hear stories of fecalphobia, mental disorders, goofballs, playing in prescott and musical stylings….check out sammy’s newer bands girl boner and button stuggler…so click on that player and get our e-mails too!!!

Asses of Evil!!!

Hey kiddies!!! We are back and have an awesome show for you this time around!!! For your listening pleasure we have the Asses of Evil, who are no longer together but still rock anyways!! Ear-splitting rock-n-roll is what they offer in the finest form…also hear stories of drunkeness, tequila, past bass player, driving without a license & unprofessionalism….if you are interested in what they do now, check out chris & todd in the smoke bombs & bam bam in the lifesized monsters… on the player to get the show and the e-mail thingy is there if you dare….

a message from your friendly announcer!!!……

We just posted 2 new shows to the 602radio. By new, I mean show that were recorded over a year ago and we finally got them up. In fact, these shows are so old that both of the bands are now broken up. So, if you want a blast from the not-so-distant-past, go check out the Asses of Evil and Classy Apache. The last 3 shows in the backlog will be up shortly, then expect more brand new shows soon. Yep, boys and girls, we finally got this train rolling again. Woo Hoo!

Page the Village Idiot!!!!

Well kiddies we are happy to back after quite a long break. This time we present Page the Village Idiot, one of our favorites!!!! Page brings you a little slice of life in the desert with songs about our lovely sheriff and governor and whores in general. and of course tweeky pete!!!…click on the player doo-dad or get us through i-tunes to listen, its free as always and why not grab the e-mail link too!!