Crackpots – Buttonstruggler!!!!!!

well kiddies we are back and keeping with our posts of nepotism….this time we bring you the crackpots/buttonstrugglers or whatever they might call themselves at this point…..our humble interviewer brings us some well crafted punky stylings for your musical enjoyment, not only can he ask a darn good question he can play too….hear tales of debauchery and drunkenness and various other sick and disgusting topics (well maybe not)……and the next show we promise will have nothing to do with us whatsoever…click on the player, sign up through i-tunes and enjoy what maybe the only free thing left out there, but oh you have to pay for an isp….sign up for the e-mail doo-dad as well…..

odds n sods!!!!!!

this time kiddies in keeping with our posts of nepotism, we bring you the odds n sods. hear all about the importance of album covers, favorite albums, nervousness about interviews, interesting sound effects and evading questions. these guys rock so buy their albums!! and give them a listen by subscribing through i-tunes or just click on the player up there. HEY! get on that e-mail list too while your at it!!


Well hang on to your ears for this one loyal listeners, this time we bring you MONGER!!! We here at 602 radio are most honored that they wrote us our very own theme song!! Now we can use it for carefully positioned product placement, and lavish commercial ad schemes…find out how to drink beer from a yard glass properly and Squeeky Squeeky Squeeky!! Click on the player, better yet get us through i-tunes and gosh darn it get that e-mail thingy too

Labor Party!!!!

Get ready for some good ‘ol rock-n-roll this time around kiddies from the Labor Party!!! at first we thought they named their band after workers rights and the rise of the proletariat, but alas no…Find out just how important music is, does drumming make less money than playing piano, find out who is responsible, the tribulations of a small bladder, and of course how they really got their name. click on the player or get us through i-tunes and hey i haven’t plugged the e-mail thing in a while, so get that too….

Wayne Michael Reich – The Interview!!!!

we change things up and break protocol this time around, folks. we bring you a two part interview with the infamous Wayne Michael Reich. for those of you who know about him, well you know whats coming. for those of you who don’t, well prepare yourself, this interview had to be put in two parts… hear about his love of the phoenix art and music community, his love of one az magazine and really super uber-intense hatred of another…to see his photography and blog go to and check it out…click on the player or get us through i-tunes!!


602 radio happily presents 3raaj this time round folks!! an interesting blend of indie and “metal”, which would then bring up the question what is indie and what is “metal”, but i digress…listen for a great beatles cover and hear stories of stuff involving things…click on the player or go through i-tunes, as always its free!!