602 radio brings you everything that dads do for you (or to you) this time around. Stories of divorce, anger, separations, man caves, snack tables, property divisions and Sheriff Joe Arpaio. We never listen to our dads but maybe you should listen to someone else’s dad for once. Click on the podcast or the player, then get the e-mail updates too……..

One thought on “FATHERS DAY!!!!”

  1. If God is Dad, then Fathers day is Gods day. They are almost as good as God-smack!…Oh snap. ah-ha,, ah-ha, ha, ha. Thank you father for beating me. Douglas Patton and Fathers day is the swift, Fascist, kick in the ass that America needs to remain #1. Kick those pussies a new pussy!! You pussies!! Your number 2,,, The first loser!! Arpaio Is going to fix this country with Jan Brewer, and their Nazi Death Camps!! America has the biggest Prison population in the world. We are #1. Yay!! Lock up your Gay Kids, until they are straight! Same wit da mEzkins 2. Ah-ha, Ah-ha, ha ,ha ha. Proud to be a Amercan -Ray Reeves

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