Welding, Whiskey and more Welding… 602 Radio brings you Wire Feeder, a bunch of punk welders singing and playing songs about welding. When they are not welding they play shows at welding conferences, welding exhibitions, ect….So sit back put on eye protection turn on the acetylene and get to some hardcore welding songs!!! Subscribe through I-Tunes or pop out the player gadget.

4 thoughts on “WireFeeder!!!!”

  1. these guys tear shit up! who cares what the are singing about! if you want to catch real punk rock check em out! If you are into a motorhead meets blackflag in and alley for a brawl you came to the right show! I caught them at the Hollywood Alley show and it is only a matter of time before enough people know who they are and they start packing houses!

  2. the drummer=tweezer captain.
    motorhead meets black flag in an alley to fellate Rollins, more like it..

    just kidding…excepts about the tweezer captain part.

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